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Grass-Fed Lean Beef

WBS Corriente Beef

The Wau-Ban-See Ranch herd consists of Corriente cattle that are raised naturally (i.e. grass-fed with vaccinations and medications as required by the government). The beef comes from mature animals (3 years old or more) to insure excellent flavor. The beef is 5-6% fat with the calorie and cholesterol levels of the beef (based on numerous test conducted by outside laboratories and other producers) that are below levels found in chicken and wild caught salmon. All beef is processed and packaged at an USDA inspected facility.

Cuts available upon request at time of processing 

  • Ground Meat $6.50
  • Ground Chili Meat $6.50
  • Boneless Stew Meat $6.50
  • Fajita Meat $8.00
  • Pike’s Peak $8.00
  • Round Steak (Tenderized) $9.00
  • Sirloin Steak $9.00
  • NY Strip $11.00
  • Ribeye Steaks $13.00
  • Tenderloin $13.00
  • Soup Bone $5.00
  • $200 min order requirement per pound for ea

Nutritional Analysis

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  • Kinnan Golemon or Jennifer Pearman
  • Call: 512-633-9428 or 803-629-4823